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Shashank Patel, MD

Dr. Patel is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. Dr. Patel graduated with his MD from B.J. Medical College and has worked with the United States Air Force as a flight surgeon for over 6 years. In addition Dr. Patel has over 20 years of medical experience specializing in Internal Medicine (diabetes, hypertension), Pulmonary Medicine (asthma, COPD), as well as Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Patel brings years of practicing medical knowledge to treat the residents of Roswell.

Jodi Vann, MD

A native of Roswell, GA, Dr. Vann is board certified in Internal Medicine with additional certifications in wound and hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Vann graduated from Emory University School of Medicine, where she also completed her residency with Emory Internal Medicine. With her nearly 20 years of experience in primary, internal medicine and urgent care, Dr. Vann brings a wealth of knowledge in primary and urgent care to Smart Primary Care.

Kavita Kotte, MD

Smart Primary Care’s clinical team is led by our Chief Medical Officer, Kavita Kotte, M.D. Dr. Kotte received her training in medicine at Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah, GA. Dr. Kavita Kotte still shares strong ties with her local roots in both the Brookhaven and Roswell community. She was raised in Roswell, GA where she attended school at Roswell High School and now lives in Brookhaven, GA with her family.



2 Locations to Serve You.